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About Homeplex

In this age of modernization, tracking the activities which keep everyone busy throughout the day and getting everyone together is a hectic task. Family schedules are no longer the same, and with technology taking a toll on our lives, we are eagerly finding ways to find that ultimate escape for leisure and recreation which will not just bring families but the whole community together to enjoy and experience life the way we all should.

Aries HomePlex is a complete Luxury Home Entertainment Solution that adds to the perfect private setting to your home, and enables you to experience the ambience of a private theatre starting within the boundaries of your home.

The Aries Homeplex is a specialty offering from the house of India’s No.1 multiplex establishment, the Ariesplex. With Projects executed across Asia, Aries Homeplex is a brand name that you can fully trust to execute your dream home theatre in a professional and economical manner.

Restyle your Home with HOMEPLEX

Introducing the revolutionary theatre technology for domestic consumers, Homeplex is ideal for homes, offices, clubs and professional institutions. You can now transform your private lounge into a movie theatre with minimum space requirement starting from 150 sq.ft., depending on the number of seats required.

Equipped with the most ultra modern Hi-tech technology systems and luxurious interiors, enjoy multiplex theatre ambiance. A perfect getaway for your family to watch movies, sports, educational videos and much more!

Making Education Fun!

As per research, human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, which is why 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text. Aries HomePlex theatres utilize the impact of this visual media in human behavior, to make learning fun for children.

Supporting videos on large screen with sublime audio – visual quality, through Aries Homeplex’s Education Theatres, infotainment material can be used to study and train, by students and teachers alike. No doubt, Aries HomePlex is an ultra modern education tool for children that can be used to revolutionize the e-learning sector.

Smart Classrooms

'Education' is the best gift you can give to your children. But the Smarter it is, the Better!

Aries Homeplex introduces 'Smart Classrooms', the complete smart classroom solution, that will help students to learn in a most constructive and efficient way. Equipped with modern technology, Smart Classrooms not just creates an effective learning environment but also helps students to connect with tutors and mentors residing in any part of the world.

Smart classrooms will also play a vital role in helping students understand the latest technology, connect with industry experts and legendary individuals and become a part of video conferences, live events, and demonstrations which can help them understand their concepts and subjects better.

Smart Classrooms is the ultimate education solutions, which can help create a better future for posterity

Integrating Communities!

We all lead a mundane life, busy in our own worlds. Live entertainment, meetings and get together parties are the only ways where one gets a chance ‘Connect’ with like minded people.

Aries HomePlex understands how vital it is to bring communities together, since it ultimately leads to sharing ideas, wisdom or simply to ‘Just have Fun’! To break you away from the monotonous schedule and bring communities together, Aries HomePlex’s presents Community theatres, a common utility room fitted with high quality seats, which can be used to screen movies, corporate videos and other audio-visual content. It is an ideal offering for corporate towers, clubs, and other public buildings, where everyone in the locality can meet, sit together, relax and enjoy little moments of life together.

So, make that upcoming football match or an educational video a fun affair with your friends, and colleagues and walk away with something like an amazing partnership or friendship that can last years.

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Interwoven throughout aesthetically and acoustically, our Home theatre is an architectural marvel which can reincarnate our boring living rooms into something functional, new, and inspiring. a 'New Dawn of Cinematic Revolution', it is an ideal investment.

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